Top 3 Nursing Continuing Education Providers in America

When you start looking into nursing continuing education you will find there are many providers to choose from. In fact, there are so many options for a nursing education that you may feel overwhelmed at the options. Fortunately, a review of the top three nursing continuing education providers in America will help you see what providers are best. This list will cut down on your research time significantly since the work has already been done for you! Keep in mind, however, that there are a lot of outstanding nursing continuing education programs out there, in addition to online nursing continuing education programs, for you to choose from. So if the three listed here aren’t what you are looking for there are still a lot of great programs to choose from.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

If you are in North Carolina or nearby and are interested in nursing continuing education credits then you should definitely consider The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These on site classes educate students and are enjoyable as well. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a leading university in the nursing field and offers state of the art technology as well as outstanding professors and teachers. Of all the nursing continuing education providers out there the UNC at Chapel Hill nursing skill is one of the best.


For those nurses interested in an online nursing education then is a great place to get it. There are many courses offered and technical support is offered 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Individuals are able to study for their continuing education classes at home and log in on their schedule. A list of the classes you have taken and all of the credits you have earned at are available on the website for you to keep track of your progress. The great news is that all states accept the credits that are offered by this nursing continuing education provider.

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware offers an RN refresher program, which is a bit different from the offerings of the continuing education providers above. This course is designed to help RNs who have been out of the nursing environment for some time to help them upgrade their skills and renew their license so they can get back to work. This online program is perfect for all those RNs out there who are ready to get back to work and just need a little refresher.

As you can see there are all kinds of nursing continuing education providers out there. Nurses can achieve nursing continuing education credits by attending courses in person or studying online. Choose whichever of these methods works best for you, in addition to what you need to study, and before too long you will have all the nursing continuing education credits you need!

10 Things to Find Out While Selecting a Small Business CPA Firm

Looking to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm for your small business? Going the CPA way might actually make sense over hiring just any accountant. The problem is, how do you know which is the right CPA firm for you? Here are some of the factors to consider while selecting a small business CPA firm.1. Does the firm specialize in serving small businesses like yours?
A CPA firm specialized in serving small businesses is likely to understand and address the challenges unique to small businesses more effectively than one that is not. Also, it is likely to be efficient and agile in serving your needs as its services, processes and operations are built to cater to small businesses.2. Does the firm have any client(s) in your industry?
A CPA firm specializing in serving small businesses in your industry is likely to be more familiar with the accounting principles and tax laws specific to your industry than a CPA that serves clients in any and all industries. This industry experience makes it an effective and informed business advisor for better business decision-making.3. Does the firm offer all the CPA services you currently need or will need in the near future?
As your business grows, you will need a CPA firm that provides more than just accounting, tax, payroll and bookkeeping services. You will need a firm that can also be your business consultant, part-time CFO and a personal financial planner. Hire one that is a good fit for your present needs but also has the capacity to serve you as you expand.4. Does the firm have expertise in areas relevant to your needs?
Understand your needs first before seeking a solution. For example, if your internal staff handles your accounting and bookkeeping but you need an outside help for certain types of taxes, then hire a CPA firm that is an expert in those types of taxes, preferably in your industry. If you want to setup a retirement plan for yourself and/or for your employees, hire a CPA firm that also provides financial advisory services.5. What credentials and licenses in accounting and finance do the firm employees have?
Most highly-recognized professional credentials in accounting and finance, such as CPA, CFP, CFA, PFS, EA, etc., have requirements for continuing education and compliance with their standards to ensure that the professional is not only knowledgeable about the subject matter but also that his/her knowledge is up-to-date. It’s always wise to hire professionals with the highest professional credentials in the field of your needs.6. Who will actually serve your account?
A typical CPA firm has accounting staff ranging from the most junior staff accountant to the most senior firm partner. Their ranks are largely determined based on their level of expertise and experience. Ask your CPA firm who will be your single point of contact for your account and who else will work on your engagement.7. What is the firm’s client callback policy?
One of the main reasons to hire a small local CPA firm is the ease of access. Ask whether they have a written policy of returning client’s calls within 24 hours and addressing their queries and getting them resolved within 72 hours. Also, find out whether they will be available over the weekend for an occasional urgent situation.8. What fees will the firm charge?
Depending on the nature and scope of your engagement, a CPA firm may quote you either an hourly rate or a flat fee. Ask them to explain why their quote type (hourly or flat) is appropriate for your situation. Also, ask whether there is anything you can do on your side to help lower the fees.9. Is the firm also skilled in preparing personal tax returns and providing other personal finance services, if needed?
Most small businesses are flow-through business entities whereby their business profits and losses flow through their personal tax returns at the year-end. Therefore, as a small business owner, you need a CPA firm that has experts in not only accounting and taxes but also in personal finances.Such a CPA firm applies a holistic view to your finances in devising optimal tax strategies.10. Does the firm have a strong referral network for your other professional service needs?
For many small businesses, their CPA is their most trusted source for many great referrals. You should be able to count on your CPA for reliable referrals for your other professional service needs such as legal, financing, banking, investment and insurance. Once you hire the right CPA firm, it should become your primary source for other reliable professionals.

Home Based Business – Requires That You Be a True Professional to Succeed

In a home based business professionalism is one of the important characteristics of entrepreneurs which set them apart from others. They have the ability to work in a unique way which most of the times leads to the success of their home business. If you want to succeed in your business, you’ll need to have the entrepreneur mindset and continue learning new skills for managing your home based business.

Setting up a business and running it smoothly isn’t an easy task. If you want to become successful, you will need to have certain entrepreneurial traits and qualities. Mixing business with passion are the traits of an entrepreneur. That is what you need to be able to become successful in your business and it is the passion that will keep you motivated.

In fact, your personality is an important determining factor which indicates if you should start up a home business or not. Quite a lot of people start businesses just as an extension of their hobbies. Do you think is it enough for you to become a successful businessperson? Let us understand some of the qualities of a true entrepreneur.

Qualities of a True Professional

A true professional will always be able to judge the risk that lies in every business. Very often a beginner tends to fall into the pit of failures. An entrepreneur will always take time to analyze the situation and understand the drawbacks of new ideas before implementing them into their home based business.

There might be risks involved with the new ideas as well. If you want to be a true entrepreneur, take a step back and assess the risks involved with the new ideas before you implement them. Check to see the changes will have a positive or negative impact on your business. If the perceived impact is negative, then you may want to go back and rethink them before your create a more serious problem than the one you are trying to fix. You will need to analyze each idea down to the smallest detail before putting them into action.

Other important qualities of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has qualities like:

o Strong desire
o Perseverance
o Self-confidence
o Competitiveness
o Willingness to take initiative
o Willingness to help others learn

Above all these qualities, the most important sign of an entrepreneur is a strong determination to succeed. You may have a lot of enthusiasm but without determination you may not be able to keep yourself motivated to continue during difficult situations.

A true professional is one who is willing to keep learning new business tactics and also who has a keen sense of understanding towards new realities. Adaptability and awareness of varying circumstances within your business along with mental toughness are true signs of an entrepreneur. It is also important that you remain flexible enough to understand your customers and clients perspective at the same time.

Excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for your home business. If you add humor in your communication with others, it helps you to break the ice quicker in order to build a long lasting business relationship.

Leadership quality is something that few people possess naturally. However, you can always acquire this quality and all the other traits necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Utilizing the Internet, you will have access to thousands of resources that help you to improve your entrepreneurial qualities.

All business owners should seek to achieve a high level o professionalism if they want to be successful, especially in a home based business.